'M' Is For Mail
My first postcard finally made it to Karmen. Unfortunately due to some sort of freak file error on my part, my scan of the postcard turned black and white. So sorry for that. I don’t think I told her anything that she didn’t already know and to be perfectly honest I didn’t think it would make it to her. I tried to send her something before and it was lost somewhere in its 7340 mile journey. But what is life but a lost parcel?

More about the postcard. Did you know Platteville is home to the world’s largest freestanding letter ‘M’?  What’s that? Did you say, “Tell me more Sean, leader of all that is truthful,”? Well if you did allow me to expel some more insight into our ‘M’. The letter is 241 feet tall and and 214 feet wide. The ‘M’ stands for mining in honor of the University of Wisconsin – Platteville’s heritage. UW-Platteville began life has a mining school. Wasn’t that all sorts of learning fun?

The Facts:
Other Party: Karmen M
Card Number: 0014
Average Color: 3B3B3B*
Date Sent: May 5, 2011
Date Received: May 20, 2011
Sender Location: Platteville, WI
Receiver Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
Distance Traveled: 7340 Miles
Average Speed: 489.3 Miles Per Day

*Due to file corruption the average color is not correct.