Millennium Park
There is a funny story about this card. It all starts with my first trip to Chicago when I was walking near Michigan Avenue when I thought I had seen The Bean from a distance. Flash forward a few months when Cody, my boyfriend, and I were in Chicago and one of the things we absolutely had to go to was The Bean. Well I thought that was perfect because I had a pretty good idea about where it was, only a few blocks from our hotel. We began to walk towards Lake Michigan on the road The Bean was supposed to be on… as it turned out I was completely wrong, we were well over a mile away from The Bean. I just can’t imagine what I saw that made me think I saw The Bean. I have two thoughts… #1. A very metallic looking silver Volkswagen Beetle, or #2 which seems more plausible a weather balloon. On my third trip I sent this to Cody… Sorry for making you walk all that way babe!

The Facts:
Other Party: Cody W
Card Number: 0026
Average Color: 59A5CB
Date Sent: June 11, 2011
Date Received: Unknown
Sender Location: Chicago, IL
Receiver Location: Platteville, WI
Distance Traveled: 156 Miles
Average Speed: Unknown