Belmont, WI
Flash quiz time! What town was Wisconsin’s first state capitol? If you guessed Madison you would be mistaken. The correct answer is Belmont.

Belmont, WI was founded in 1835 by land speculator John Atchison, the town was the original capital of the Wisconsin Territory, and the original territorial capitol building is preserved a few miles northwest of the village at First Capitol Historic Site.

What happened to the town?  

Well, that is all because of railroads. After it was decided that Madison would serve has the Dairy State’s capitol most politicians moved away from Belmont meanwhile a route from the Mineral Point Railroad forced the village to move.

And the buildings?

After the politicians left, the capitol building and the surrounding structures were used as private residences and barns (can you believe they used our former capitol building has a barn!) until the Wisconsin Federation of Women’s Clubs initiated a restoration project during 1910, completing a restoration of the original council house during 1924. Later, the lodging house, which had been moved a was returned to its original site and underwent restoration during 1956. Together, these two structures created First Capitol Historic Site.

I doesn’t get any more educational than this! So enjoy!

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