Canada Postcard App
Canada Postcard App
After I received a postcard from Karmen that was sent using Postagram, a smartphone app used to create custom postcards, I was intrigued enough to look for the app myself. However I can across something far more awesome! The Canada Post Mobile App… thanks to the Maple Leaf for that one. Winning! (Sorry I just watched the Roast of Charlie Sheen and I wanted to use that catch phrase, it will never happen again.) The front of this card features a lovely photo that I took from the inside of Wisconsin’s State Capital building in Madison. I had no photos from Canada… in retrospect I should have taken a picture of a Canadian flag… FAIL!

For those of you who can not read what I wrote on the back of the card here it is. “Howdy Kar Kar! You see if you’re going to create a postcard using a smartphone you should at least be using a cool app. Like this fine Canadian Mail App I am using now! Anywho… I love you! Kisses!”

The Facts:
Other Parties: Karmen M
Card Number: 0051
Average Color: B1905F*
Date Sent: Unknown
Date Received:  November 8, 2011
Sender Location: Earth, Milky Way**
Receiver Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
Distance Traveled: Unknown
Average Speed: Unknown

*This color reflects the average hue of the font side of the card.

**This app allows users to send postcards from anywhere to anywhere.