Wollersheim Winery is a lovely winery just outside of Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin… all of which you can see by this postcard. They make some great wines, thier Blushing Rose and White Riesling are my favorites. I picked up this card while I was shopping for my father’s Christmas present, a lovely gift card to the winery’s store, and a few bottles of wine for yours truly, which I managed to consume much faster than this card could travel.

I sent this card from Spring Green, Wisconsin which is fairly close to Prairie du Sac, just 13 short miles away, I had gotten so excitied about the wine I bought that I totally forgot to send it out the day I bought it… Oops. I dropped it in the mail on the way to my father’s house. Spring Green is the closest I get on my trek home.

Sadly, I can no longer tell you what I told Karmen… perhaps it had something to do with wine. Who knows!

The Facts:
Other Parties: Karmen M
Card Number: 0059
Average Color: 7B6851
Date Sent: December 11, 2011
Date Received:  December 26, 2011
Sender Location: Spring Green, WI
Receiver Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
Distance Traveled: 7322 Miles
Average Speed: 488 Miles Per Day