Crazy Horse
While on Julie’s last epic road trip she stopped at Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota. Here is a brief history lesson, so gather around kids. Work began on Crazy Horse in 1948 with the first blast on June 3rd. On an interesting side note, if the memorial were completed today it would  become the world’s largest statue, as well as the first non-religious work to claim the title since 1967. That wraps up the history lesson for this post.

Julie only sent this card because a gift shop employee told her that if they sent the card from the memorial the postmark would be a picture of Crazy Horse, sadly Julie it was not stamped with his likeness.

The Facts:
Other Party: Julie O
Card Number: 0070
Average Color: Unavailable
Date Sent: March 26, 2012
Date Received: March 29, 2012
Sender Location: Crazy Horse Memorial, SD
Receiver Location: Platteville, WI
Distance Traveled: 666 Miles
Average Speed: 333 Miles Per Day