Ruins of St Paul's
This postcard hails all the way from China, Macau to be more specific. Karmen, friend and international travel celebrity, went to Macau to celebrate the Chinese New Year! Happy year of the snake everyone!

Sean Presents: 3 Rather Interesting Facts About Macau

  1. Macau is a former Portuguese colony and was the last European colony in China until December 20, 1999 when it was transferred back to China.
  2. According to The World Fact book Macau has the second highest life expectancy in the word.
  3. Macau was originally an island, but a connecting sandbar gradually turned into an isthmus which changed Macau into a peninsula.

The Facts:
Other Party: Karmen M
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Date Sent: February 14, 2013
Date Received: February 22 2013
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