Brick By Brick
While in Singapore my world wanderer friend, Karmen, visited The Art of the Brick. The exhibition features the work of Nathan Sawaya, whose medium of choice is Lego Brick. Click here to see some of his work. You can also read some of Karmen’s blog entry about her visit to the exhibition by clicking right here.


The story of the world famous plastic block begins in 1916 out of a carpentry workshop in Billund, Denmark. The company originally specialized in home furniture construction. However, during the depression the company began to focus on smaller projects including wooden toys and piggy banks. In 1934 a contest was held amongst the employees of the workshop to name the company. There were two finalists: ‘Legio’, an implication of a “legion of toys”, and ‘Lego’ a contraction of the Danish phrase leg godt, meaning ‘play well’. It was later discovered after the company selected its name that ‘Lego’ can be loosely interpreted as “I put together” or “I assemble” in Latin.

The first modular toys were produced by the company in 1947 including  a truck that could be taken apart and re-assembled. Later that year Lego obtained samples of interlocking plastic bricks called Kiddicraft Self-Locking Building Bricks that were designed by a man named Hilary Page. In 1947 Lego began producing their own version of the bricks, “Automatic Building Bricks”. Fortunately in 1953 the name was changed to Lego Mursten or “Lego Bricks”.

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