The John Hancock Center
I recently took a trip with my fellow blogger and travel guru, Karmen, to Chicago. We spent two days running around The Loop sightseeing and eating our way through the city. Speaking of eating, we had to stop for some deep dish pizza! After all when one thinks of Chicago one should think of pizza, at least that’s what we think. While touring the Windy City we stopped at Gino’s East. The restaurant was founded by Fred Bartoli and Same Levine, both of which were cab drivers, and George Loverde, all three were successful entrepreneurs. The trio decided to invest in some real estate near the Magnificent Mile, 162 E Superior St to be exact. After the property was acquired the group wasn’t sure what to do with the place until a friend suggest a pizzeria, which they opened in 1966. Naturally, the three investors had no idea how to make a good pie so they snagged a cook away from Uno’s, another famous Chicago institution. And there you have it! Gino’s East in a nutshell!

But wait! Karmen here taking a break from my journeying overseas and blogging over in my own domain to join forces with Sean. This iconic restaurant has more than just the food going for it. The interior is an experience in itself. Just about every corner has graffiti covering it in some manner. Not just chairs and walls, but also statutes, picture frames, and mirrors boast patrons signatures. Don’t think about signing off on the bathroom though, that’s a no graffiti zone. So why not spend your well worth it wait for your pie, by leaving your work of art on this venue?

We now return you to your normally scheduled blog viewing. If you’re interested in more of Karmen’s antics you should consider taking a gander at her blog, Karmenvasion.

“Heaven is a Chicago deep dish pizza!” – Karmen Mallow

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