Maria City
This postcard features a painting by Greg Otto entitled Maria City. The artwork features one of the towers of the complex known as Marina City, which is a set of two towers on the north bank of the Chicago River. The complex is noted as being the first building in the United States to be constructed using tower cranes.

During my latest trip to Chicago with Karmen we didn’t spend too much time in this area. Instead we stayed around the Michigan Avenue and Union Station areas. To honor this pleasant trip I have prepared a brief history of the Magnificent Mile.


The Magnificent Mile is a section of North Michigan Avenue in Chicago. This area was purposed by Daniel Burnham in his 1906 Plan of Chicago, which included plans for developing parks along the lakefront, increased residential areas and widened streets and avenues. Today many of Chicago’s most famous landmarks, shopping centers and restaurants call the Magnificent Mile home, including:

  • The Chicago Water Tower & Pumping Station – This was one of only a handful of buildings that survived the Great Fire of 1871. See more about it in my post, Old Water Tower.
  • The Wrigley Building – A famous landmark designed by Charles Beersman in a style similar to the Seville Cathedral’s Giralda Tower in Spain.
  • The John Hancock Center – Chicago’s second highest skyscraper and formerly the world’s tallest building.

Karmen here again…whenever I go to a new city, I always try to find at least one tall building to journey up. Something about taking in a new layout from hundreds of feet off the ground always makes me excited to see a new destination. So with that requirement of mine, the John Hancock Center was a must stop for us. Here we looked over Chicago from 1,000ft and enjoyed a VERY blue cocktail called the SKYY high. Enjoying a beverage while looking at a city of tiny ants? Perfection.

Here are some images from or trip up to the 94th floor for your viewing pleasure!

We now return you to your normally scheduled blog viewing. Karmen is a dear friend and I think you ought to get to know her a little better. Wwing by her blog, Karmenvasion.

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