What's In a Name
This is the postcard I sent to Lisa of Postcardswapific, it is also my first card swap.

Now that I’ve written about Wisconsin’s dairy history in Greetings From The Dairy State and about Belmont in Wisconsin’s First Capitol. I’ve decided that it’s time to find out where the name Wisconsin comes from anyways.

According to the Wisconsin Historical Society the state takes its name from the 430 mile long Wisconsin River. So, the history of the dairy state’s name is really the history of its namesake river. The first European explorers used the name Meskousing for the river, this was later shortened to Mescousin River. The route of the word used today appeared in 1674 when an explorer misread Meskousing this error was reproduced in maps and other publications as Ouisconsing. For the next 150 years the name was spelled in a number of ways. However, after the War of 1812 as more Americans traveled within the area the name began to take on a more American spelling, Wisconsin. Canadian and French writers continued to use the Ouisconsin spelling until the end of the 19th century.

Pretty interesting, huh?

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