What's In A Name
I recently visited the largest city in Jo Daviess County in Illinois, Galena. This small community is a popular tourist destination and is widely known in the region for its history, golf resorts and art scene. Speaking of history, did you know that Galena was home to Ulysses S. Grant, our countries 18th president? Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

While all the history and art in pretty interesting… I find myself wondering where does such a name for a city come from. So, I decided to put my spectacles and thinking cap on, of course, and got to reading. Let me share with you just what is behind the name Galena.

The term “galena” refers to the natural form of lead sulfide and is one of the most important lead ore minerals. These mineral deposits are found worldwide. In the United States galena is mostly found in the southeastern portion of Missouri and in my area of the country, the Driftless Areas of Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. The term “driftless area” refers to the area in which there was an absence of recent  glacier activity. Of course by recent I am referring to the last 100,00 years. In this area the importance of mining galena and other minerals inspired a city in the region to take name galena for its own. There you have it, that’s how Galena got its name!

This city is one of my favorite local day trips. There are several museums, restaurants, art galleries and other venues to see. You’ll have to plan a few days to really get the full experience. Here is a brief list of some of my favorite items that Galena has to offer:

Galena Cellars Winery & Vineyard
One of my friends recently took the plunge and got hitched at this winery. The location is beautiful! Its just outside of Galena and offers gorgeous views of our driftless topography and excellent sangria to boot.

Root Beer

Exhibit A

Root Beer Revelry
This root beer boutique is located in Galena’s downtown area and features a large variety of beverages including root beer, sarsaparilla, cream soda and other tasty concoctions. My boyfriend and I took his brothers to visit this shop, see Exhibit A to the right. When you stop by might I suggest the XXX Root Beer it is lovely and has an entertaining name all at the same time.

This shop offers a wide variety of strange and wacky gifts ranging from art and jewelry to toys and games. One could spend quite some time scavenging the odd gloriness of this store, and this one has!

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