Miller High Life
This tasty postcard comes from Karmen, it features High Life beer, Miller Brewing’s oldest brand which dates back to 1903. This beer is noted for its high level of carbonation which is where its slogan originates, “The Champagne of Beers”. The beer’s logo, the girl in the moon, is widely believed to be the company’s founder Frederick Miller’s granddaughter. Now if you don’t mind I think I might go grab a cold High Life. Cheers!

Edit: Here is Karmen’s post all about her tour of the Miller Brewery.

The Facts:
Other Party: Karmen M
Card Number: 0185
Average Color: 45373E
Date Sent: May 5, 2014
Date Received: May 7, 2014
Sender Location: Milwaukee, WI
Receiver Location: Platteville, WI
Distance Traveled: 132 Miles
Average Speed: 66 Miles Per Day