Big Red
In this wave of Going Postal updates I thought I might share some person updated with you (one of my three readers). This is my new city, viewed in infrared as the postcard states. My partner and I moved to Madison last October… that’s nearly 10 months! I really have been slacking at this blog. Ooops!

Ocotovio and Brutu

Ocotovio and Brutus! Follow me on Instagram, @seavoi.

With a new city comes new adventures and so many changes in life. Obviously we have new jobs and a new address, but there are a few other changes. We’ve adopted two elderly cats, Octovio (bottom) and Brutus (top), my handsome and lovable men. These two get to live out their golden years with Cody and I, and we couldn’t be any happier!

I’ll be sharing some of my exciting adventures in Madison shortly! (Heads up, they’re mostly about food!) I can’t give it all away in one update you know. 🙂

Here are some of my previous Madison posts:

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