The House on the Rock is a gathering a odd exhibits, streets, shops, and unique architecture designed by Alex Jordan, Junior. The tourist attraction is located between Dodgeville and Spring Green, Wisconsin. Here are a few of the odd exhibits I am referring too:

  • Tiled Car
  • Automated Musical Instruments
  • Carousel
  • The Infinity Room, which a is a portion of the building that extends over 200 feet without supports. (It’s very cool!)
  • A Nostalgic Small Town Street – Includes Shops

The House on the Rock is a catch all indeed.

The Facts:
Other Party: Tess T
Card Number: 0206
Average Color: 7C8E7C
Date Sent: August 14, 2015
Date Received: August 18, 2015
Sender Location: Spring Green, WI
Receiver Location: Reedsburg, WI
Distance Traveled: 25 Miles
Average Speed: 6 Miles Per Day