Out of the 181 blog posts I’ve made (182 if you count this one) only three came from 2016. Three! What a pitiful, sad, little number! I know what you’re thinking… surely Sean received many more postcards during 2016. Alas, it’s true I’ve received and sent several postcard during the last year but I’ve become a rather lazy blogger. In 2017 that’s all going to change. I’ve made a little wager with my blogging friend, Karmen, that we’ll each post at least once every two weeks with an entry of at least 200 words. The motivation, the wager if you will, will be a drink for every missed two week window or a bottle of booze – to be honest the logistics are a little fuzzy and we’ll probably end up getting drinks anyways.

To kick off the new year, the beginning of the blog-or-booze initiative, and to getting caught up I’ve decided to do a housecleaning post. Here are 50 postcards that I’ve yet to post. This is their time to shine, each in 1/50 of the spotlight. I’ve set aside eight additional postcards to write full posts about then we’ll be all caught up.

(Cached Card Cleaning 1 of 9)