Today’s post is all about Questival, a 24-hour quest based scavenger hunt in which 54 teams are currently competing! (Including my team!) I know what you’re thinking – Where’s the beef? Just kidding, you’re probably wondering what the connection is! You see two of the quests are to send a postcard and one is to write a blog post. A perfect match you might say!

The postcard challenge:

  • Mail a postcard to your senator or representative state or local – That’s Senator Fred Risser
  • Mail a postcard to a veteran – my friend Tom

Keep an eye on your mailboxes gentlemen!

Bonus Content!


This is my team! The Blood Thirsty Unicorns!

The Facts:
Other Party: Senator Fred Risser and Tom M
Card Number: 0219 – 0220
Average Color: B0779D and 887D88
Date Sent: September 9, 2017
Date Received: Unavailable
Sender Location: Madison, WI
Receiver Location: Madison and Dousman, WI
Distance Traveled: 0 and 54 Miles
Average Speed: Unavailable