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The House on the Rock is a gathering a odd exhibits, streets, shops, and unique architecture designed by Alex Jordan, Junior. The tourist attraction is located between Dodgeville and Spring Green, Wisconsin. Here are a few of the odd exhibits I am referring too:

  • Tiled Car
  • Automated Musical Instruments
  • Carousel
  • The Infinity Room, which a is a portion of the building that extends over 200 feet without supports. (It’s very cool!)
  • A Nostalgic Small Town Street – Includes Shops

The House on the Rock is a catch all indeed.

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Tornado Steakhouse is a small restaurant in downtown Madison. My boyfriend, Cody, took me out to eat for my birthday to this delicious destination. This postcard came with the check… it was a surprise gift on my birthday. If you find your self in Wisconsin’s capitol and you’re also craving some mighty meat I suggest you visit Tornado!

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This postcard is so bad that it’s good!

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Big Red
In this wave of Going Postal updates I thought I might share some person updated with you (one of my three readers). This is my new city, viewed in infrared as the postcard states. My partner and I moved to Madison last October… that’s nearly 10 months! I really have been slacking at this blog. Ooops!

Ocotovio and Brutu

Ocotovio and Brutus! Follow me on Instagram, @seavoi.

With a new city comes new adventures and so many changes in life. Obviously we have new jobs and a new address, but there are a few other changes. We’ve adopted two elderly cats, Octovio (bottom) and Brutus (top), my handsome and lovable men. These two get to live out their golden years with Cody and I, and we couldn’t be any happier!

I’ll be sharing some of my exciting adventures in Madison shortly! (Heads up, they’re mostly about food!) I can’t give it all away in one update you know. 🙂

Here are some of my previous Madison posts:

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Comet Cafe
The Comet Cafe in Milwaukee, Wisconsin features homemade comfort food and seems to widely revolve around bacon. The restaurant has been featured on the Food Network and is on my list of eateries I’d like to visit on my next trip. Karmen recommends the duck poutine and bacon mac and cheese.

Karmen’s Traveler’s Tip
If you order at least $2.50 worth of food at the Comet Cafe, you get a basket of free bacon on Sunday.

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Date Sent: August 24, 2014
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Autumn in Wisconsin
Greetings from Wisconsin! Before the locals are secluded to their abodes for the winter we are treated to an array of colorful foliage. This change in our local scenery is caused by the reduced production of chlorophyll within a leaf’s cell.

Here is a brief sample of the colors you might see depending on what kind of tree you might come across:

  • Oak: Red or Brown
  • Hickories: Gold
  • Dogwood: Purple or Red
  • Birch: Yellow
  • Poplar: Yellow
  • Sugar Maple: Orange or Red
  • Black Maple: Yellow

Isn’t nature neat?!

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Date Sent: October 9, 2013
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Have A Pasty In Mineral Point
This postcard hails from Mineral Point, Wisconsin, which is a small city about 30 miles away from my own dwelling. The city is known for its art and historical buildings and is a popular regional destination in the summer time. One of my favorite food items to dine on when I visit my grandmother, who lives in Mineral Point, is a pasty. This hearty food item is a baked pastry that originated in Cornwall, the westernmost county in England. It’s made with meat, generally beef, and a variety of vegetables that are placed into a flat circle pastry that is folded over on itself. I like to think of them has a cousin to the chicken pot pie, only with a harder outer crust and filled with beefy goodness.

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Green Bay
Lambeau Field is the home of the Packers in Green Bay, Wisconsin and like many Wisconsinites, it is a travel destination and semi-religious experience in of itself for my father. In fact one my favorite memories growing up is a road trip we took to Green Bay to visit the stadium where he walked up to an obscure green wall of the stadium and got the chills just by touching it. He is a crazy man but I love him dearly.

The stadium opened in 1957 replacing a stadium near Green Bay’s East High School after the NFL threatened to force the Packers to move to a new larger stadium near Milwaukee. At first the sports complex was known as City Stadium however, it was renamed Lambeau Field in 1965 in honor of longtime head coach Curly Lambeau. Today the stadium is the oldest in the NFL and thanks to recent renovations and expansions it is the fourth largest.

Stadium Quick Facts:
Capacity: 80,750
Record Attendance: 73,738 (August 9, 2013)
Nickname: The Frozen Tundra and Titletown, USA

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Grotto - Revisited
The word grotto is defined as a small cave, either man-made or natural, in a park or garden. The Grotto is a series of grottos and shrines built around the Holy Ghost Church located in Dickeyville, Wisconsin. Naturally, most of the statues are religious in nature however, there are depictions of Columbus, Washington and Lincoln within the installation.

Visit my first post about the Grotto to view more delightful history tidbits by clicking here.

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The Taliesin, located just outside of Spring Green, Wisconsin, was the summer home and studio a Frank Lloyd Wright. His winter home, Taliesin West, is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect who developed a philosophy called organic architecture in which buildings were designed in harmony with the environment. Wright designed the Guggenheim Museum in New York City while working at his Wisconsin home.

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